Graduate training at both the masters and doctoral levels are planned and offered through ACLENet in most areas of lightning and electromagnetic compatibility research. Different sites and supervisors, primarily from ACLENet’s Research Advisers, can be partnered with faculty from national centres in a ‘sandwich’ program. Generally, the student studies the basics at their home institution but has the opportunity to travel to the partner Research Adviser’s institution for 1-6 months for further study, research and networking with other students and faculty from around the world before returning to their home institution to finish their study. Each course of study is individually designed with the student and depends on their goals and interests as well as the faculty and resources available at each national centre and their university affiliate.

Technical training in lightning protection and electromagnetics is periodically offered for lightning protection professionals and others. Educational programs are available at several levels for safety and injury prevention workers and may be tailored to the individual need of a group, if appropriate. Individuals or companies interested in such training should contact ACLENet.

As far as public education, ACLENet takes the opportunity to provide education whenever there is an opportunity in communities. This may include those encountered in a research project or during site surveys to schools to measure for an individually designed lightning protection system . ACLENet and ACLE national centres also work with teachers throughout Uganda and other national centres to provide education on lightning and weather as well as provide materials for students on lightning safety.

ACLENet experts also work with media representatives throughout Africa and other countries to provide the best education, safety and science about lightning injuries.

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