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Awareness & Prevention

Changing Perceptions and Countering Myths


Many people believe that death, injury and property damage from lightning is inevitable and something they have little power to change. Others believe that lightning will never hurt them and that the ‘odds’ are in their favor. Some believe that they can attract lightning by what they wear or do. Still others believe that witches can be hired to call lightning down on their enemies.

Many of these beliefs have been strongly held and passed along from generation to generation.  It is better to find ways to work with them than to bluntly and foolishly counter them.

The first step to changing the risk of death, injury, and property damage is awareness that there are things that can be done to minimize the risk of ‘natural’ lightning. ACLENet is working with the media to collect incidents of lightning injury and damage to raise awareness of the risk. Next comes public education to teach people what they can do personally to change their risk.

On November 27, 2017, a pilot program for teacher and public education was given at the Shone School in the Hoima district of Uganda.  A preliminary report is posted HERE.

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