ACLENet is involved in aspects of many projects.

One of ACLENet earliest and ongoing projects is the “Pilot on severe weather nowcasting based on total lightning detection in Lake Victoria region.“ Lake Victoria is so large that it makes its own weather patterns. Often, unexpected and sudden storms come up over the Lake, swamping fishermen’s boats and killing an estimated 5000 people on or around the Lake every year. Severe storms often produce lightning which can assist in predicting and tracking storms.

The partners are East African Community (EAC), the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) plus Earth Networks as the technology providers.

ACLENet is facilitating weather sensor placement around the Lake and has received its first grant to institute a weather Early Warning System to save lives (see summary Program for Severe Weather Early Warning System) and Lake Victoria Pilot Project.

ACLENet is working with the Global Resilience Partnership and Trans-African Hydro Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO) to expand the Early Warning System to include all countries bordering Lake Victoria.

An estimated 5000 fishermen lose their lives every year on Lake Victoria due to sudden storms.

ACLENet is working with Uganda National Meteorological Authority(UNMA) and other groups to bring
timely storm warnings to fishermen to save lives.