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About ACLENet

International Affiliates

Description of Duties for International Affiliates

The African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetics Network is an international network of national centres dedicated to reducing deaths, injuries and property damage from lightning.  It is a not-for-profit organization, originally incorporated in the United States (US) as a tax-exempt company, with national centres in Africa registered as a non-governmental organizations (NGO) or companies limited by guarantee.  ACLENet operates within the cultural paradigms of the African people to achieve the main goals of ACLENet:

     1)  To assess the impact of lightning on each nation’s citizens and economy.

     2)  To work with governments to assure that code-compliant lightning protection systems are designed for new schools and other important buildings.

     3)  To improve the availability of accurate and timely lightning data, weather forecasting, and warnings.

     4)  To educate teachers, parents, pupils and the general public on lightning safety.

     5)  To improve engineering training and professional qualifications in lightning protection. 

     6)  To advise on code-compliant lightning protection of utilities and other economically important industry.

     7)  To work with universities to train Africa’s own lightning experts for the future.

An International Affiliate will be a recognized person of standing in lightning research, science or protection and sympathetic to the ideals of ACLENet.  Appointment as an International Affiliate will be highly regarded and provides an opportunity for an active contribution to international humanitarian projects.  The affiliate will:

     1)  Take responsibility in their own country for setting up a structure which allows tax deductible status for donations and to forward those donations to the US parent body or designated national centre in a secure and accountable way.

     2)  Seek out and canvass donors for the purposes of ACLENet.

     3)  Receive progress reports on the projects of ACLENet and ensure they are circulated to donors in their own country.

     4)  Maintain goodwill with the donors responding to their approach.

     5)  Be available to ACLENet’s directors and staff to provide opinion, advice, and input to planning, as may be requested.

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