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Working with Governments

ACLENet works with Governments


ACLENet and our National Centres work with governments in each country to:

   1.  Assess the impact of lightning on their citizens and economy.

   2.  Improve the availability of accurate lightning data, weather forecasting, and warnings.

   3.  Adopt internationally recognized lightning protection codes consistent with IEC 62305-1,2,3,4 (International Electrotechnical Commission lightning code) as part of their building codes. 

   4.  Improve engineering training and professional qualifications in lightning protection. 

   5.  Assist in the design of code-compliant lightning protection systems for schools and other important buildings. 

NEWS! - A Memorandum of Understanding between ACLENet and the Ministries of Education and Sports and of DIsaster Preparedness and Refugees has been signed which will allow a partnership to improve and standardize lightning protection for all Uganda schools.

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