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National Centres



ACLE-Zambia, founded in 2015, is the first Centre of the envisaged African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetics Network (ACLENet).  It was launched in August 2015 at ACLENet's Second Scientific Symposium in Lusaka, Zambia

ACLE-Zambia committed to making Zambia a Lightning Safe zone by enhancing professionalism in lightning protection and safety through lightning research, education and by conducting public awareness campaigns

The Centre has two offices, one at Zambia Air Services Training Institute and the other at Civic Centre, Peri-Urban building, room 10.

The Centre has five volunteer staff, one full time and four part time:

          Mrs Foster Chileshe Lubasi, National Coordinator, full time

          Mr Silumelume Nyambe, Administrative Assistant

          Mr Shadreck Mpanga,  Administration

          Mr  Wazi Mugala, Rural Electrification Authority

          Mr Mwansa Chikoma, Rural Electrification Authority, Relationships Manager

Twenty- six (26), stakeholders, made up of private and government owned companies, organisations and higher learning institutions, have pledged to work with and support the work of ACLE Zambia until such a time that the Centre can stand on its own and to ensure that the ACLE Zambia's main objective of making Zambia a lightning safe place is achieved.  These institutions have appointed focal point persons and, in some cases, offices for ease of liaison and communication with the Centre. The institutions include:

  1.   Zambia Electricity Company, ZESCO
  2.   Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit, DMMU
  3.   Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority, ZICTA
  4.   Civil Aviation Authority
  5.   Zambia Air Services Training Institute, ZASTI 
  6.   University of Zambia, UNZA
  7.   Lusaka City Council
  8.   Lusaka Water and Sewerage
  9.   Zambia Army
10.   Zambia Police
11.   Radiation Protection Authority
12.   Zambia Bureau of Standards
13.   Ministry of Health
14.   Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation
15.   Copperbelt Energy Company, CEC
16.   Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs
17.   Engineering Institution of Zambia, EIZ
18.   Ministry of Higher Education 
19.   Ministry of General Education
20.   Zambia Meteorological Department
21.   Chalo Trust School (Private School)
22.   Energy Regulations Board, ERB
23.   Rural Electrification Authority     
24.   Zambia Airports Corporation Limited
25.   National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research
26.   Hai Telecommunications Company

ACLE Zambia has held three stakeholder’s meetings. The first was hosted by DMMU, the second by ZICTA and the third by ZESCO.

The Centre, working with the University of Zambia, was granted a Visiting Professor award by the World Academy of Science which saw Professor Chandima Gomes, PhD, from the University of Putra Malaysia visit Zambia.  The Professor’s stay in Zambia was sponsored by Zambia Airports Company Limited, Zambia Electricity Company and Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority

In addition to visiting many of the stakeholder's facilities, the primary purpose and outcome of Professor Gomes’ visit was the introduction of curricula and resource details for the Master of Science and PhD programs in high voltage and electromagnetic compatibility at the University of Zambia.

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