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Guinea - News Reports of Injuries in 2019

  • That cell phones 'attract' lightning is a common MYTH.
    NOTHING 'attracts' lightning - NOTHING. Statistically, lightning is more likely to hit tall, isolated or pointy objects, but NOTHING 'attracts' lightning.
    There are many other myths in this category of 'attraction' such as the ground content (iron ore in the ground), what a person wears (metal in the hair, metal on the shoes, wearing the color red), and other suspicions.

    Cell phones are commonly in the hands of people hit by lightning as almost everyone in the world has one in their hand. It is possible in some cases that the cell phone may change where the lightning energy damages the body, but that is AFTER lightning has hit, not before. Another reason that people who are hit often have cell phones is that cell phones distract most people using them, putting them in danger not only of being hit by lightning, but also being hit by trucks, runaway animals, and all sorts of other risks.

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