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What's New on Our Website This Week??


Every month we add new materials and sections to our website. Unfortunately, we know from experience that most of these will be reports of injuries, deaths and property damage from lightning. Please let us know what else you would like to see by using the 'Contact Us' connection - or let us know if links no longer work so that we can repair them.

Added 27 Aug. 2018

Added 14 July 2018

Added 9 May 2018

Added 31 March 2018

'Injuries by Country' for Malawi, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe posted.  All countries updated for 2018.

Rwanda - 16 killed and 140 injured in Seventh Day Adventist Church

Papers from the International Lightning Detection Conference and Meteorological Conference presented by Vaisala posted.

The February FLASH - Inaugural Issue of our Newsletter

Added 8 Feb 2018 :

Added 1 Feb, 2018 :  'So You Think You Know LIGHTNING, a Collection of Electrifying Fast Facts',  Ronald L Holle and Daile Zhang, used with permission courtesy of Vaisala

Added 29 Jan, 2018 :

Added 21-26 Jan, 2018 :  News articles about injuries and deaths caused by lightning listed by country -


                         UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  MALAWI and ZIMBABWE with more on the way after these.

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