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Newsletter - The African Flash

Each month, more and more people ask to subscribe to the African Flash and the number of people on the mailing list who open the newsletter each month have been increasing steadily (now > 40%) -- which tells us that people are looking forward to seeing each newsletter.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND SUPPORT!

Let us know what you think of the newsletters and anything you would like to see changed or added. 

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In order to capture all of the news reports of deaths and injuries for each month, we wait till a few days after the month has closed to distribute it. We apologize for any confusion about the month being covered by doing it this way.

Additionally, in cases where the report appeared in several newspapers or media outlets, you may see more than one listed for the same event on our website pages. Even though the title may be the same, there are often different details which may be useful to people who use this resource for research. This resource on our website has become the largest publicly available database on lightning injuries in the world, covering 40 of the 55 countries in Africa (as of December 2022).

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