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Lightning Kills! Save a Life in Africa

Lightning Protection Working Group

ACLENet's Lightning Protection Working Group

Funding by Ludwick Family Foundation has allowed ACLENet to form a working group of lightning protection (LP) experts who have volunteered to help with our Lightning Kills! Save a Life in Africa program to protect school children. They will be designing LP for ACLENet's model schools as well as for new schools being built by the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) with World Bank funding. They will also assist with negotiating LP materials supplies and pricing and installation of LP for schools. Members include:

  • Alexis Barwise
  • Mary Ann Cooper
  • Etienne Gerber
  • Chandima Gomes
  • Mitchell Guthrie
  • Ron Holle
  • Hugh Hunt
  • Ian Jandrell
  • Trevor Manas
  • Ian McKechnie
  • Kenneth Roets
  • Gary Thoreson
  • Richard Tushemereirwe
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