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Lightning Kills! Save a Life in Africa

Lightning Protection Working Group

Lightning Protection Working Group

The Lightning Protection Working Group (LPWG) formed in 2018 to design lightning protection (LP) for schools funded by a 2018-19 grant from the Ludwick Family Foundation. Members are internationally known lightning protection experts from South Africa, the USA, and other countries who volunteer their time to support the Lightning Kills! Save a Life in Africa program to protect school children. ACLENet leadership and staff with LP installation experience also serve as members.

The LPWG advises on LP design for ACLENet's model schools, negotiates LP materials, pricing and shipping, and assists with LP installation for these schools. As 2020 unfolds, the LPWG will continue working with donors and nonprofits to protect schools, develop an ongoing maintenance program for ACLENet's schools, design LP templates for use across Africa and many other activities. Current members (* active members) include:

*Barnabas Akantambira Hugh Hunt *Martin Omara
Alexis Barwise Ian Jandrell *Kenneth Roets
*Mary Ann Cooper Trevor Manas *Simone Striani
*Anna Candela Garolera Mark Morgan *Scott Sweeney
*Mitchell Guthrie Ken Nixon *Isaac Tumuhimbise
*Ron Holle *Taufeeq Nsamba *Richard Tushemereirwe

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