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'SEE WHAT'S NEW' Archive - activities before 2019

SEE WHAT'S NEW -- Archives of selected activities before 2019

Added 2 December 2018

Added 23 October 2018

  • Ludwick Family Foundation awards $100,000 to ACLENet to protect schools in Africa
    Ludwick Family Foundation awards $100,000 to ACLENet to protect schools in Africa

    We would like to thank the Ludwick Family Foundation for their generous support of ACLENet's work. With this grant we will be able to protect more schools as 'model schools' where proper lightning protection techniques have been installed and where we can teach lightning safety to students, teachers, parents and others across their districts in Uganda.

Added 30 September 2018

  • Lightning injuries occur worldwide. By making ACLENet's website available in many other languages, we offer support to others who want to decrease lightning injuries, deaths and property damage in their countries. Currently, ACLENet is collaborating with lightning safety advocates in Bangladesh, India, Colombia, Nepal, the United States of America and others so that all of us can share what we have learned in order to reduce lightning injuries worldwide. Everyone is welcome to join this effort and contribute to saving lives.
    Initially, we could only able to monitor news reports in English. As more people who speak other languages volunteer their help, we will add injury reports in countries where those languages are spoken as well.

  • Bill and Melinda Gates started their annual Goalkeepers Report in 2017. It is based on the United Nations Goals and is focused on Africa in 2018.

  • Guinea-Bissau is the first country that we have added where English is not the primary language. Our plan is to add other countries as we have volunteers who will monitor Google searches for press reports of lightning injury, property damage and deaths that are published in other African languages.

Added 27 August 2018

Added 14 July 2018

Added 9 May 2018

Added March 31, 2018

'Injuries by Country' for Malawi, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe posted.  All countries updated for 2018.

Rwanda - 16 killed and 140 injured in Seventh Day Adventist Church

Papers from the International Lightning Detection Conference and Meteorological Conference presented by Vaisala posted.

The February FLASH - Inaugural Issue of our Newsletter

Added 8 February 2018

Added 1 February 2018

'So You Think You Know LIGHTNING, a Collection of Electrifying Fast Facts'

            Ronald L Holle and Daile Zhang, used with permission, courtesy of Vaisala

Added 29 January 2018

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