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About ACLENet


ACLENet's objectives reach across Africa


The African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetics Network is a not-for-profit organization with national centres in Africa registered as a non-governmental organizations (NGO) or companies limited by guarantee.  ACLENet operates within the cultural paradigms in each African nation to achieve these goals:

1)    To assess the impact of lightning on each nation’s citizens and economy.

2)    To work with governments to assure that code-compliant lightning protection systems are designed for new schools and other important buildings.

3)    To improve the availability of accurate and timely lightning data, weather forecasting, and warnings.

4)    To educate teachers, parents, pupils and the general public on lightning safety.

5)    To improve engineering training and professional qualifications in lightning protection. 

6)    To advise on code-compliant lightning protection of utilities and other economically important industry.

7)    To work with universities to train Africa’s own lightning experts for the future.

ACLENet began in Uganda and the parent organization is still based there.  National centers officially exist in Zambia, and ACLE-Malawi has committed to hosting the Third Scientific Symposium in 2018.  ACLE-Kenya is in the beginning stages.  

ACLENet is incorporated in the United States as a non-profit, tax-exempt company (501c3) as required by many granting agencies.   


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