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Gallery of Schools

Ugandan Schools with Model Lightning Protection Systems

Schools where Model Lightning Protection Systems have been Installed

Schools Protected By ACLENet and Donors 2016-2020
Schools Protected By ACLENet and Donors 2016-2020

ACLENet prioritizes schools with past reports of lightning injuries.

The Many Levels of Objectives in Protecting Schools

1.      Primary and proximate – protect children by protecting schools, the most substantial building in most communities. Schools are often used as community meeting places for church, Rotary and other civic organizations, and other things, so protecting a school benefits the entire community.
2.      Primary and ongoing goals that can be scaled up globally - 
       a.      Assess LP challenges common in the developing world and develop solutions consistent with international LP standards.
       b.      Source and use local materials consistent with international LP standards, avoiding expensive imports when possible. This also supports President Mugabe of Uganda’s ’BUBU campaign – Buy Uganda, Build Uganda.’
       c.       Develop design templates that can be used for other schools.
3.      Long term and global –
       a.      Influence and advise the IEC to address developing country issues including the cost of LP.
       b.      Influence the adoption and enforcement of the International Electrotechnical Commission standard 62305, parts 1,2,3,4, across Africa.

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